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Harvey Balls

Little pie chart icons, known as "Harvey Balls," that can be used to indicate progress or to qualitatively compare different items.

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Healthcare Icons

A collection of 57 two-color icons for the healthcare and medical industry. After the icons are dragged and dropped onto a slide, the colors will automatically adjust to the presentation’s color schem ...

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Keyboard and Cursor Shapes

A small but fine collection of computer keyboard and pointer shapes that can be used to illustrate keystrokes and mouse actions.

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Management and Organization Icons

A collection of 44 business- and management-related icons in two-color style.

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A collection of political maps with countries individually selectable and editable. The following maps are included: 1 world map 6 continent maps: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South A ...

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Safety Signs

A collection of 33 warning, prohibition, attention, and emergency signs.

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Scrum Shapes

Scrum is a widely used methodology for developing software products in an iterative and incremental way. This set of shapes is the perfect toolbox for visualizing parts of a Scrum-driven project. It c ...

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Sketched Shapes

A set of simple hand-drawn arrows, frames, and writing marks.

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