How to Create a Funnel Chart in PowerPoint

Funnel charts are a great way to visualize how sequential data can be broken up into different stages. Unfortunately, the “Funnel” SmartArt graphic included with PowerPoint (InsertSmartArtHierarchy) doesn’t reflect the hierarchical nature of the stages and supports only three inputs. That’s why I decided to write this post to demonstrate how easy it is to make a funnel diagram from basic PowerPoint shapes; just follow the steps below.

  1. Add rectangle shapes (InsertShapesRectangle) that represent the stages of the funnel, like depicted below.

    Funnel Chart Stages

  2. Add a trapezoid shape (InsertShapesTrapezoid); then rotate the shape by 180 degrees (hold Shift key while rotating), and resize it to match the height of the stage shapes.

    Trapezoid shape in PowerPoint Ribbon

    Trapezoid on slide

  3. Delete the first/third/fifth/etc. stage shapes.

    Deleted stage shapes

  4. Select the first remaining stage shape and the trapezoid (in this order), then click on FormatMerge ShapesFragment.

    Merge menu

    Repeat this step for the other stage shapes.

    Fragmented trapezoid

  5. Delete the shapes not needed for the funnel.

    Funnel shapes

  6. Format the funnel shapes just as you like.

    Formatted funnel chart

You can download the resulting funnel chart from this link. The .pptx file also includes some more funnel variations with different numbers of stages.

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