ShapeChef 1.2 Released

Today we released version 1.2 of ShapeChef. Click here to download the installer for this free update.

Support for PowerPoint 2016

ShapeChef is now fully compatible with PowerPoint 2016 for Windows. In particular, we have added support for the new Office UI themes so that ShapeChef seamlessly blends in with the Office 2016 user interface.

ShapeChef: Support for PowerPoint 2016

Expand/Collapse All

When right-clicking on a category header in the shape library, you will now see additional “Expand/Collapse” menu items that let you expand or collapse multiple categories with a single click.

ShapeChef: Expand/Collapse All

Changed Folders

Until this version, the ShapeChef application was installed to the current user’s “AppData\Roaming” (%AppData%) directory, and the user data (shapes, logs, etc.) were stored in the “Documents” (%UserProfile%\Documents) folder. From now on, all ShapeChef-related files are stored under “AppData\Local” (%LocalAppData%). Existing files will be moved automatically when you start ShapeChef 1.2 for the first time.

We have made this change to mitigate performance and synchronization problems in corporate environments that use roaming profiles and/or redirect user folders to network locations.

Full List of Changes

  • Added support for PowerPoint 2016.
  • Added “Expand/Collapse” menu items for expanding and collapsing all categories in a shape library at once.
  • Moved application files from “Documents” and “AppData\Roaming” folders to “AppData\Local.”
  • Improved support for high-DPI screens.
  • Fixed error on systems with enabled FIPS mode.
  • Fixed problem with “Download More Shapes” button being hidden when opening a new document window.
  • Fixed problem with “ShapeChef Shapes” pane being empty after clicking the “Show Shapes Panel” button.
  • Fixed problem with single quote (') characters in shape and category names.
  • Fixed several minor bugs and annoyances.
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  • November 9, 2015
  • By Andreas

About ShapeChef

ShapeChef is a tool that helps you find and manage graphics and charts for your presentations. Click here for details.
ShapeChef: Graphic and Chart Library for PowerPoint

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