ShapeChef 1.3 Released

We are proud to present the new ShapeChef 1.3 release, which includes several improvements and bug fixes. You can update by downloading and running the installer from this link. The update is free for all current users.

New Black Color Theme

We modified ShapeChef’s user interface so it integrates visually with the new black theme introduced in Office 365.

ShapeChef with Black UI Theme

Improved Keyboard Support

It’s now easier to navigate inside a shape library without using a mouse. When the shape library pane is focused, you can directly jump to items by typing the first letters of the name of a category or shape. We also added shortcuts for focusing the search box (Ctrl-F), adding a selected shape to the slide (Enter or Return), and jumping from an empty search box back to the list of shapes (Esc).

Full List of Changes

  • Added support for the black color theme included with Office 365.
  • Added the ability to navigate inside the shape library pane by typing the first letters of a shape or category name.
  • Added new keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl-F to jump to the search box, Enter/Return to add the active shape to the slide, and Esc to jump from an empty search box back to the list of shapes.
  • Fixed issue with the “Download Shapes” browser that occurred if “Enable MIME Sniffing” was disabled in the computer’s Internet Options.
  • Fixed problem with ShapeChef being unintentionally uninstalled when using the installer’s maintenance dialog.
  • Fixed incompatibilities with other PowerPoint add-ins (including Adobe Acrobat).
  • Fixed problem with being unable to drag and drop shapes onto a slide.
  • Fixed freezing issue when working with shared shape libraries.

Since Version 1.2, we have also added several great shape collections, such as the Flat Color Icons and the Stamps set.

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  • March 29, 2017
  • By Andreas

About ShapeChef

ShapeChef is a tool that helps you find and manage graphics and charts for your presentations. Click here for details.
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